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Personal Training in Newton, MA - About Trevon Jackson

Hello, my name is Trevon Jackson, I’ve been training clients for more than 5 years. As a personal trainer my objective is to help you achieve your fitness goals and help relieve your pain with a combination of exercises that involve strength and conditioning, physical therapy, and functional movement patterns. I have over 10 years of fitness industry experience. No matter what your goals are; Fix your back pain, fit back into your wedding dress, or simply looking for someone to keep you accountable, HeyTrevon Personal Training is for you.


I spend long hours working as an elevator mechanic and my jobs requires me to move around a lot. I was having back and knee issues from the long hours of work and Trevon reached out to help. He got me in the gym and we started training and after a few months I was able to lift, bend down, and move better like I was 25 again!

Michael Strader / 47

I work for an insurance company and spend long hours sitting and was having some lower back pain. Trevon helped me through various exercises and showed me stuff I could do at home to help with my back pain. My back pain is gone and I still use the dynamic stretching techniques he showed me.

Phuong Nguyen / 42

Hi! Trevon asked me to do an honest review of our personal training sessions.
When I first started, I knew nothing about squatting, deadlifting, or benching and wanted to get stronger but didn’t know how. Trevon helped me over a couple months and I was able to squat double my bodyweight. I loved our sessions and anyone who trains with him will love it too!

Tatiana Gutierrez / 31